FastToe PM Fleet Alignment System

Alignment Machine to check and adjust steer axle toe during oil change cycles for maximum tire life.

This Alignment Machine is extreme portability and speed of this system allows the fleet operation to check and adjust the critical front steer axle toe angle during every oil change cycle. This keeps steer axle toe in check and does not allow it to stray outward. As a result the tire achieves its full potential during the 2nd half of its life and tire costs are reduced significantly.

FastCheck PM Fleet Alignment Machine

Totally Portable and Remotely Controlled by SmartPhone

FastCheck Marketing System Package Includes:

  • Light weight with charging stations for measuring heads.
  • 2 Bluetooth Measuring Sensors
  • Industrial Quality PC
  • SmartTablet Remote Control
  • Printer
  • Color LCD monitor

Wheel Clamp Adaptors

  • Set of 2 No Runout FastClamps for Truck Budd Wheels

Other Accessories Included:

  • Self Calibration Package
  • Pair of HD FastPlates

Support and Training

  • Lifetime Use of Technical Hotline
  • Lifetime Internet Based Support

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The FastToe PM Alignment Machine focuses the attention where it can have the most impact….on the steer axle of the truck. Studies have proven that the steer axle is still by far and away the most important axle on the vehicle in terms of safety, handling, and tire wear. The steering axle is most prone to alignment angle changes and has a direct and immediate impact on tire wear.

Simply performing a 3 axle alignment when new steering tires are installed is not enough to insure maximum steer tire mileage!

Quickly measure and adjust the front toe at each PM maintenance interval without moving the truck to an alignment bay with this alignment machine. No time is wasted as this can be done in a few minutes while the oil is being drained. This constant correction of the toe every 25,000 miles prevents premature tire wear that results from the toe angle being pushed outward by G forces from the rear. By preventing the toe-out condition you are eliminating one of the major causes of premature steer tire wear.

Increase your steer tire mileage by 50% or more with the FastToe PM program. This new alignment technology allows you to correct the steer axle toe 5-6 time during the life of the tire instead of only once!

The accepted strategy of one alignment service during the life of the steering tires is inadequate and your steering tires will never reach their full potential in terms of mileage. The reason is the steer axle, unlike the drive axles, has a flexible and ever changing suspension and is constantly changing. The toe angle on the steering axle is not fixed and because of constant force from the rear steer axle toe is constantly being pushed outward toward a toe-out condition. Additionally there is the threat of objects in the road, pot holes and other road conditions that can easily cause a change in the toe condition. Nothing robs life from the steer tire faster and more severely than an out of tolerance toe condition. In particular, a toe-out condition is not only the most common alignment issue but it is also the most damaging.

By checking and adjusting the front toe angle at every service interval proper toe angle is maintained throughout the life of the tire!

Documented Alignments

We all know how important documentation has become in everyday business. RAV systems document each and every alignment so you do not have to. Alignment printouts and calibration reports are stored on the system hard drive for future retrieval if the need arises.


Our concept is simple but highly effective:

Use the FastToe PM Alignment Machine during every PM service.
In 2-3 minutes of real time…while oil is draining from the engine…..the steer axle toe can be checked and verified.
Adjust the toe to specified target then and there.
No additional labor time is required by addressing the alignment during the PM Service.
Check and adjust the toe 5-6 times during the life of the tire instead of only once.
When steer tires are replaced perform your normal 3 axle alignment to make sure rear axles are still within specification.
Why Focus on the Steering Axle?

The short answer is TIME. The one thing the busy fleet has so little of. In the real world what happens usually is that the truck goes out without any alignment attention at all because of time pressures and logistics. The FastToe PM Alignment Machine allows the fleet to protect the steering tires while the PM services are being done with no time wasted.

For the past 30 years we have all been told that we must do a complete 3 axle alignment or nothing at all. Alignment equipment manufacturers have been at the forefront of this logic simply because they were adopting a strategy that best served their own interests. As a result the emphasis has been wrongly taken off the all-important steering axle.

Focus on the steering axle and make toe adjustment part of your PM schedule.

Then watch your steer tire mileage reach levels you never thought possible!


Fastliner Truck Alignment System

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FastLiner Trailer Alignment

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One alignment during the life of the steering tires is not enough if you expect to achieve maximum tire mileage. If you adopt our FastCheck concept where steering axle toe angle is checked and set at every PM service interval this calculator will estimate the additional savings you can expect.

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Statistics from The Maintenance Council report a 2% average increase in fuel economy when a truck is properly aligned exhibiting minimum rolling resistance. We feel the savings can be much greater by precision alignment of the trailer. It is our belief that the alignment condition of the trailer has a tremendous impact on fuel consumption, and performance could be much better than this illustration.

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