FastLiner 8060 Complete Truck Alignment System For Fleet Operations

RAV FastLiner 8060 Truck Alignment System

Totally Portable and Remotely Controlled by SmartPhone

Exclusive FastCheck Software Included!

E-Z Printout of the Steer Axle
E-Z Printout of the Steer Axle Using the FastCheck 2 System

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It aligns more vehicle types with a higher degree of speed and accuracy than ever before.

Do you need the versatility of a complete multi-axle system? Does your application call for trucks, trailers, coaches, multi-axle vehicles, and more? Do you need one machine for both selling and doing alignments? If so the FastLiner is likely your best all around choice of machines. It can be used in more than one bay without any change in calibration and offers trouble free performance.

Multi-Purpose Aligner

This cutting edge dual purpose machine is both a complete alignment system and a FastCheck machine. Use the FastCheck mode to successfully sell more alignments and generate more alignment related income.

For the fleet operation use the FastCheck mode to check and adjust front toe using only two sensor heads. This should be done during the PM maintenance services. This allows you to check and adjust toe while the oil is draining from the truck. By correcting the front toe 5-6 times during the life of the steer tire instead of only once you will achieve maximum steer tire mileage.

Operation by Smart phone/tablet allows you to take your system all over the workshop without moving the console!

Documented Alignments:
We all know how important documentation has become in everyday business. RAV systems document each and every alignment so you do not have to. Alignment printouts and calibration reports are stored on the system hard drive for future retrieval if the need arises

The FastLiner 8060 includes more of our innovative features than any other single model:

  • No rolling…No pushing and No raising the truck required
  • No Runout FastClamps reference the wheel at the hub…not at the outer lip
  • Nothing Faster- Ultra quick set up and measuring times
  • Nothing more accurate- Outstanding repeatable accuracy assured
  • Premium Software for Trucks, Trailers, Multi-Axles, Coaches, Light Trucks and more.
  • FastCheck Software Included
  • Steer axle adjustment with only two heads is possible
  • Bluetooth Sensor Heads
  • Industrial quality PC with Windows Embedded
  • Simple red-blue-yellow-green operating scheme
  • SmartTablet included for outstanding remote operation
  • Heavy duty welded portable cabinet houses components
  • Industry leading telephonically based support line
  • Industry leading internet based support
  • 2 years parts warranty
  • Training available but not required. Choose between video, live stream training, or on site advanced alignment training. Make the training fit your needs.

Use the FastLiner to sell the alignment service by FastChecking the vehicles that enter your workshop. Use this same system to perform the alignment with the speed and accuracy required for success. Set up and measuring in 5 minutes REAL TIME. No rolling, pushing, or raising of the vehicle required.

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Payback in One Year or Less It is more than realistic to expect a full return on your investment in one year or less. One additional alignment service sold per week will pay for the FastCheck System in one year. Income from additional parts and labor sales is not reflected in this illustration.

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SmartPhone/Tablet Remote Operation is a Game Changer! This allows you take the aligner or FastCheck all over the workshop without moving the console!