Ravaglioli 1100KU 10,000LB Two Post In Ground Lift

RAV 110KU 10,000LB Two Post In Ground Lift

Eco-friendly two post lift for the cleanest look and best access to the vehicle.

Our many premium features such as hard/hot chromed cylinders, flexible transverse equilization, and new easy reach lifting arms make improve the function and durability of the lift.
  • Screw type pads can be adjusted as well as used with drop in extension
  • Perfect synchronization between cylinders regardless of load distribution.
  • Mechanical locking device with automatic engagement and pneumatic release, ensuring maximum safety when lift is raised.
  • Dual purpose hydraulic safety valve prevents overloading and unexpected lowering should hose failure occur.
  • Controlled lowering speed.
  • All mechanical, hydraulic and electrical components manufactured in compliance with ALI /ETL.

 Ravaglioli Benefit Significance Cost Savings
 Hard/Hot chromed cylinders Will not rust Will not “eat up” guide bearings
 Flexible Transverse Equalization Will flex with un balanced loads No bouncing saving bearings
 2 stage arms with reach of 3 stage Will not sag Longer  Arm life
 Low pickup height including arm Less set up time  Will not damage rockers
 Arm Locks Arms can’t “kick” Safer work environment 
 Rubber Pads Won’t scratch cars Long term customer satisfaction 
 Sealed Lubrication Chamber Maintenance Free No maintenance cost
 Higher voltages at no cost  High volts = low amps Saves electricity
 Faster operation  Less wasted tech time  Less time lifting; more time working
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