Battery Powered Hydraulic Columns

RAV 307HWS 16,000 Per Column Battery Powered Columns

Hydraulic column lift system without the need for power cables

  • 2 batteries in each column, 12V 100 A/h, gel type, maintenance-free.
  • 20 lifting cycles with full load.
  • Battery charge leds:
    • yellow led: battery charging recommended, 5 cycles still possible.
    • red led: battery charging is required, 1 lowering cycle still possible.
  • One battery charger in each column.
  • 32 ft. charging cable.
  • Battery charger works as such, it is not for power supply. Batteries can be charged during operation.
  • Recharging time approx. 10 hours
  • Operation Modes
    • All – Simultaneous operation of all columns.
  • Group
    • Simultaneous operation of selected pairs of columns.
  • Single
    • Single column operation.
  • Operation Modes
    • Synchronization at a height difference of 30 mm.
    • Control board according to ISO standards 13849.

  • Control panel available on each column
  • All columns are identical
  • Configuration sets: 4-6-8 columns
  • Mechanical locking system/parking
  • Wireless 2.4 GHz  communication among columns
  • Automatic selection of  transmission channel with display indication


Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!