G8645.26 Slivo Leverless Tire Changer


The No-Lever Slivo Tire Machine is a High Performance Tilt-Back with Patented Slivo Device

The patented Leverless mount/demount tool used in our SLIVO series is just like the weasel and is able to slip and slither past the top bead of the tire on its way to grabbing the bottom bead safely and surely. This is one of the problems with our competitors version of the SLIVO….their machines are really not very good at removing the bottom bead.

Our innovative tool action has been patented and if you want leverless function but still prefer the clamping table for holding the wheel, the SLIVO is exactly what you are looking for. The G8645.26 is one of the strongest tire changers ever manufactured. It suffers very little flex when great pressures are applied. The SLIVO also makes use of our 220 volt variable speed drive for those toughest of tires. The bead breaker cylinder exerts 8000PSI and the clamping table will secure a 26″ wheel in the outside position. To round out the package our best pneumatic helper is factory mounted on the machine.


  • Patented SLIVO leverless mounting head
  • 26″ rim clamping in the outside position
  • 220v drive with variable speed control
  • 8000 PSI bead breaker
  • Deluxe 4 arm pneumatic help system
  • Automatic tilt-back action
  • Large size chassis for less flex and longer life
  • Plastic protection for jaws and bead breaker
  • 220v 1ph is standard

Coming Soon!