GRS-926 Scout Truck Tire Changer

Ravaglioli GRS-926 Heavy Duty Truck Tire Changer

The heavy duty truck tire changer with great versatility and value.

The Scout, heavy duty truck tire changer, virtually changes everything the famous GTB-16N Pilot will change. If you do not require a production quality machine capable of high volume and ultra fast cycle times, the Scout may be. The Scout is a vertically oriented machine requiring a small amount of floor space. Your floor space is also conserved because you are no longer required to change tires face down thereby wasting valuable bay space.

No Lifting of the Tire and Wheel. 

The Scout uses the same clamping head as the GTB-16N Pilot and therefore no manual lifting of the assembly is required. Every Employee Becomes a Tire Specialist

The Scout is so simple to operate that virtually anyone can quickly become proficient at changing tires. This promotes more efficient use of manpower and reduces specialization in your workforce. Promote Safety in Your Workshop. Automated tire changing practices are proven to reduce the risk of employee injuries. Fewer injuries means a higher degree of productivity and lower operating costs.

This is a competitively priced truck tire changer, by Ravaglioli,  capable of changing a wide range of tires and wheels. Among its many features and benefits are:

  • Fast cycle times
  • Tubeless and tube-type combinations
  • Steel and alloy rims
  • Standard and Wide Based
  • 17.5 and 19.5 Super Duty
  • Reduces risk of bead damage
  • Reduces risk of workplace accidents
  • Lowers risk of workmen’s compensation claims
  • Much less costly than manpower
  • Protects the health and wellbeing of your workforce
  • Handles most light truck combinations as well
  • Industrial quality design and construction
  • Space Saving Design

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“The GRS926 TRUCK TIRE CHANGER makes replacing tires on semi trucks effortless , there’s no lifting or hitting on the side walls to break the bid, we have one of those blue tire tools you see on you tube all the time but after the GRS926 was installed in the shop that blue tools is been collecting dust.”