GTB-16N Heavy Duty Truck and Bus Tire Changer

GTB16N Heavy Duty Truck Bus Tire Changer

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Not simply a generic heavy duty truck tire changer but a highly specialized machine with faster cycle times and greater durability

The Ravaglioli GTB-16N Heavy Duty Truck and Bus Tire Changer is the most qualified truck tire changer available on the world market. This one of a kind machine improves productivity while increasing workplace safety and conserving valuable floor space

No Lifting of the Tire and Wheel

The Ravaglioli GTB-16N Heavy Duty Truck and Bus Tire Changer does all the heavy lifting. How many times have you watched your employees lift a 200 lb wide based assembly that is lying flat on the floor. With the Pilot you simply roll the tire and wheel up to the machine and slide it toward the clamping jaws. With a push of a button the wheel is safely clamped to the machine’s rotatable jaws. With another push of the button the machine lifts the tire and wheel off the floor to a desirable working height.

The Pilot Conserves Your Floor Space

How valuable is your workspace? How many times have you witnessed a group of tires lying face down on your shop floor devouring precious floor space? The Pilot changes the tire standing up instead of lying down. The footprint of the machine is small because its design is vertically oriented. Improve the productivity of your available floor space and you will improve your overall efficiency.

Automate Your Practices and Procedures

Manual tire changing is a 20th century concept that is no longer practical. Automation has been one of the keys to improved efficiency and now you can embrace it in your tire changing operations. Until now there has been no design improvements in truck tire changers that caused the industry to re-think its practices. The Pilot is the first major machine design improvement in over 30 years.

  • Tubeless and tube-type combinations
  • Steel and alloy rims
  • Standard and Wide Based
  • 5 and 19.5 Super Duty
  • Reduces risk of bead damage
  • Reduces risk of workplace accidents
  • Lowers risk of workmen’s compensation claims
  • The only automated solution for mounted wheel programs Much less costly than manpower
  • Protects the health and wellbeing of your workforce
  • Handles most light truck combinations as well
  • Industrial quality design and construction
  • Unique Bead Saver Arm
The Ravaglioli GTB-16N High Performance Heavy Duty Truck Tire Changer is a one of a kind machine…there is nothing else available that comes even close. We change on average 150 tires per day with this machine and our highest daily volume so far has been 180 units. After two years of hard use there have been no major failures…I recommend this machine to anyone seeking the very best Brandon Feeley
Tire Manager
Decker Truck Lines
Ft. Dodge, IA

San Diego, CA

Goodyear Proving Grounds
San Angelo, TXGTB-16N Truck Tire Changer

JB Hunt Transport
Major Logistics Provider
Multiple units owned in their maintenance terminals.

Service Truck Tire Centers
Bethlehem, PA
Major Commercial Tire Dealer Network

Southern Tire Mart
North Little Rock, AR
Major Commercial Tire Network

Kal Tire
British Columbia, Canada
Major Tire Dealer Organization

Graham Symington
Rimco, Inc.
Neche, ND 58265 “We’ve been using the Ravaglioli GTB-16N High Performance Heavy Duty Truck Tire Changer for quite some time and have had great success with it. It is very safe to operate and does a fantastic job on many wheel/tire configurations. We believe it is in a class all by itself. If we need help of any kind the guys at RAVAmerica are always there to help. I would recommend the machine and the support team to anyone who is searching for the very best.”

Bill Chirrey
Pit Crew Truck Repair and Alignment
Milton, Ontario “The Ravaglioli GTB-16N High Performance Heavy Duty Truck Tire Changer is an amazing tool. It makes tire management a breeze. Customers are impressed with the speed and performance, mechanics are willing to “do tires” saves on sublet work and most important keeps the customer in our shop. This is the way of the future!”