Automotive Wheel Alignment Machines

Wheel Alignment Machines for Cars and Light Trucks….Featuring NO-PRTC Technologies (No Roll, No Push, and No Copensation)

Ravaglioli wheel alignment machines stand for value with a complete range of wheel alignment machines to fit your needs and budget.

Ravaglioli wheel alignment machines are known throughout North America and the world for innovation, simplicity, accuracy and reliability. We have countless customers many who have used all the top brands we all are familiar with. These customers are now RAV customers and will share with you how the RAV alignment system is easily the best system they have ever worked with. Please visit our testimonial section and read some of their comments.

At Ravaglioli old fashioned runout compensation is a thing of the past. This is true for all our models from the Vistar 3-D through the entire Bluetooth CCD series and including our state of the art truck aligner. There will be no rolling, no pushing, or raising the vehicle with a RAV aligner. Our 3-D and 4-D imaging systems are so innovative that they do not require moving the vehicle in order to create a 3-D image. Unlike our competitors our premium non-runout wheel clamps are so accurately designed and manufactured that runout is not required for precise measurements.

Ravaglioli Wheel Alignment Machines  and Alignment Equipment…

sold by RAVAmerica are the perfect choice for those customers who demand speed of setup and repeated accuracy in their 4 Wheel Alignment Machine system but are tired of paying ridiculously high prices from the other brands. Ravaglioli alignment equipment offers a much better value than all other tire alignment machine companies. Ravaglioli offers several models of car alignment machines and heavy truck alignment machines.

SmaotPhone App
SmartPhone App – With remote operation by the SmartTablet the system becomes truly portable and can be taken all over the workshop. It is no longer necessary to be next to the aligner console or even to use a console for that matter.
Fastcheck Pintout
EZ Printout – Every Vistar is also a FastCheck machine. New EZ Printout makes understanding and selling alignments easy!