Automotive Wheel Alignment Machines

Wheel Alignment Machines for Cars and Light Trucks….Featuring NO-PRTC Technologies (No Roll, No Push, and No Compensation)

Ravaglioli wheel alignment machines stand for value with a complete range of wheel alignment machines to fit your needs and budget.
Ravaglioli wheel alignment machines are known throughout North America and the world for innovation, simplicity, accuracy and reliability. We have countless customers many who have used all the top brands we all are familiar with. These customers are now RAV customers and will share with you how the RAV alignment system is easily the best system they have ever worked with. Please visit our testimonial section and read some of their comments.
Vistar 3D Alignment SystemModern Tower Free Design Allows You to Use Your Existing Lift!
The Vistar 3D Alignment Machine is an all new camera imaging concept which goes beyond ordinary tower type 3D alignment machines.
Vistar FastCheck Alignment Check System This is the only FastCheck system available that is completely portable and can move throughout the workshop without moving the aligner console.
8-Liner 8CCD Wireless Aligner A value priced alignment machine with premium features and big time results! Alignment systems have skyrocketed in price and left many workshop owners feeling left out in the process.
TD2200WS 8CCD Alignment and FastCheck SystemThe top range 2200WS offers the best of everything including a premium cabinet with riser, our best CCD sensor heads, 8 CCD 360 degree measuring, deluxe alignment software, and our exclusive non-runout wheel clamps.
TD1760WS 6CCD Alignment and FastCheck SystemTop Range 6CCD Alignment Machine is One of the Industry’s Best Values. The RAV TD1760WS Bluetooth alignment system is a high quality workhorse machine perfect for the busy tire or automotive service center.