TD2200WS 8CCD Alignment and FastCheck System

Top of the Line 8CCD Alignment System

TD2200WS 8CCD Alignment and FastCheck System

EZ Pintout
EZ Printout – New EZ Printout makes understanding and selling alignments easy!


SmartPhone App
SmartPhone App – With remote operation by the SmartTablet the system becomes truly portable and can be taken all over the workshop. It is no longer necessary to be next to the aligner console or even to use a console for that matter.


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The top range 2200WS offers the best of everything including a premium cabinet with riser, our best CCD sensor heads, 8 CCD 360 degree measuring, deluxe alignment software, and our exclusive non-runout wheel clamps. This is the perfect system for the discriminating customer who requires performance, accuracy, and speed of operation. It is also possible to build a successful
FastCheck program around this machine because our exclusive FastCheck software is included. This is a completely portable alignment machine using Bluetooth technology for near perfect wireless connectivity between the measuring sensors and the PC. This combined with our operation by Smartphone allows you to measure vehicles all over the workshop without moving the console. This means you will be able to FastCheck and sell more alignments without having to dedicate a bay to this purpose. The aligner goes to the vehicle rather than the vehicle having to come to the aligner. This is a completely different philosophy from our competitors and offers you more flexibility and higher performance.

  • Lifetime Telephonically Based Support
  • Lifetime Internet Based Support
  • FastCheck Software Included
  • Deluxe Alignment Software Package
  • VIN Data Base Included
  • VIN Scan Tool optional
  • SmartPhone app optional
  • Target data updates via internet
  • Free alignment program updates
  • Bluetooth wireless data transfer
  • Non Runout Wheel Adaptors…No roll…No push
  • Able to read long wheel based light trucks
  •  No interruption in signal due to changes in lift height
Coming Soon!!


Coming Soon!!

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