Vistar TD3000HP 3 D Alignment Machine

3D alignment machine  TD3000HP Tower-Free 3D Alignment System   





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3D alignment machine Fastcheck PintoutEvery Vistar is also a FastCheck machine. New EZ Printout makes understanding and selling alignments easy!


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Modern Tower Free Design Allows You to Use Your Existing Lift!

The Vistar 3D Alignment Machine is an all new camera imaging concept which goes beyond ordinary tower type 3D alignment machines. Our tower free Ravaglioli 3D alignment machine design definitely saves space in the workshop and also allows you to work off the lift you already own. This unique alignment machine makes use of the latest technological breakthroughs of the past 5 years. The tower type systems used by our competitors are of an original design that is now dated more than 20 years in the past.

  • Alignment and Check System—Two systems in one!
  • Allows you to bring the system to the vehicle needing the alignment check.
  • Can be used with more than one lift and in more than one bay.
  • Can be used off the floor even from a parking lot.
  • Compensates for unlevel lift or floor.
  • Creates an instant diagnosis of the chassis.
  • Uses the EZ Printout to help explain and sell more alignment services.

Use the system to do alignment checks in the morning…sell the alignment jobs….then take the system to the alignment rack and perform precision wheel alignments.

Powerful Features

  • Lifetime Telephonically Based Support
  • Lifetime Internet Based Support
  • FastCheck Software Included
  • Premium Alignment Software Package
  • VIN Data Base Included
  • VIN Scan Tool optional
  • SmartPhone app optional
  • Target data updates via internet
  • Free alignment program updates
  • Bluetooth wireless data transfer
  • Non Runout Wheel Adaptors…No roll…No push
  • Able to read long wheel based light trucks
  • No interruption in signal due to changes in lift height

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