Vistar FastCheck Alignment Check System


Vistar FastCheck Alignment Check System
Vistar FastCheck Alignment Check System

Our Alignment FastCheck Feature Allows You to Take the Aligner to the Vehicle….Other Brands Require You to Bring the Vehicle to Their Aligner!


This is the only FastCheck system available that is completely portable and can move throughout the workshop without moving the aligner console.

It is a fact that a properly managed FastCheck program will result in significantly higher alignment sales and profits. The problem with most FastCheck systems is that they require a dedicated bay or that their consoles are far too bulky to realistically move around in the workshop from bay to bay. The others require that you bring the vehicle to the aligner in order to conduct the FastCheck. Who really has the shop space or the time to waste on that kind of maneuvering?

First of all every Vistar aligner is also a FastCheck system. We give you two choices of consoles: Our standard full cabinet on portable casters or the smaller trolley which is easier to move around. We also offer the FastCheck stands which allows you to safely move the cameras all over the workshop from bay to bay….even to the parking lot! In other words, our system goes to the vehicle wherever it is without the need to move the vehicle and bring it to the alignment system. In busy tire centers for instance where space is a premium this makes running a successful Fastcheck program possible.

Our remote control by Smartphone or Tablet allows you to leave the console in one location and move the measuring system all over the workshop. In as little as 90 seconds you can measure the alignment condition of the vehicle. Our new EZ Printout is a powerful and easily understandable graphically based report that you can carry to the customer or email it to them for authorization to do the alignment job. Email the EZ Printout also from the Smart Phone to your front counter or to your service counter.

You are only limited by your imagination regarding all the ways this innovative system can be used to both SELL and DO alignments!

FastChecking is a proven way to increase alignment related income and profits. Do you have an extra bay or service drive through to dedicate to FastChecking? Most workshops do not and need the check system to have extreme portability so that the vehicle can be FastChecked no matter where it sits. While the other two leading check systems have little flexibility and require the vehicle to come to it the Vistar FastCheck is a truly portable system that goes to the vehicle.

Fast Check Questions

  • Short on available space?…The FastCheck does not require a dedicated bay or service drive through lane.
  • How portable is the FastCheck?… Move the FastCheck from bay to bay….take the system to the vehicle where it sits. It is not necessary to drive the vehicle to a different location in order to make the alignment test.
  • Is the FastCheck truly fast? Yes, typically the alignment test can be completed in less than 2 minutes real time.
  • Will the alignment test match the results when the car is moved to the alignment rack?… The FastCheck provides repeatable accuracy and lends integrity to your program.
  • Unlevel floor?…The FastCheck is the only system that evaluates surface condition and compensates for an unlevel floor or rack.
  • Will I be required to roll or push the vehicle in order to check the alignment…NO…The FastCheck does not require the vehicle to be rolled, pushed, or raised.

The Vistar FastCheck…A Check System and an Alignment System

The Vistar can be purchased as a check system only or as a combination alignment system and check system…two systems for the price of one!


Outstanding Features

  • SmartPhone operation allows you to remotely control the system from the palm of your hand. No need to roll a cabinet or trolley through congested bays to get to the vehicle.
  • No rolling, pushing, or raising of the vehicle required.
  • EZ Printout is powerful sales tool and can be printed or even emailed to your customer from the SmartPhone.
  • Built in compensation for unlevel floors or lifts
  • Offers both one axle and two axle alignment checks
  • EZ Printout is a graphically based document providing actual alignment test results. The EZ Printout can be printed for a hard copy….sent to your sales counter for presenting to the customer…or emailed to the customer from the SmartPhone.
  • Can be used in any bay or floor…can be used with more than one lift.

No towers…this system is absolutely tower free.


Vistar TD3000HP 3 D Alignment Machine

Vistar FastCheck Alignment Check System


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