G3.124RD Computerized 2D Balancer

G3.124RD Computerized Wheel Balancer with Digital Display 2D

Ravaglioli G3.124RD Computerized Wheel Balancer with Digital Display 2D

For the customer looking for a workhorse wheel balancer but prefers the conventional LED type display, this is their perfect choice.

The RAV G3.124RD shares the same chassis and drive train with the G3.140H.

This model offers the same rugged dependability and most of the software features in a standard led type display. Standard with automatic input of 2 planes the width data arm can be added as an option. The sonar for measuring runout condition of the tire can also be used to upgrade the balancer.

This is a solid no frills balancer for a high volume workshop.

Full Sized Chassis Based on Our G3 Series with Digital Display

  • Power Requirement: 115 volt 1 phase
  • Maximum precision granted by the automatic measurement of distance and diameter and by the automatic ALU S and PAX programmes.
  • Quick balancing process thanks to the automatic start when the cover is lowered and automatic stop of the wheel in the external unbalanced position.
  • Easy operation thanks to interactive inputs, which guide the operator during all the phases of the balancing process.

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