GTL4.140RC FastMatch Super Duty Wheel Balancer

RAV GTL4.140 Video Smart Balancer

GTL4.140 Video Smart Balancer Truck Wheel Balancing Machine – Our top line truck wheel balancing machine uses a video display for easy operation.

Heavy duty commercial wheel balancer with premium software and features. With proper adaptors this versatile balancing machine is ideal for cars and light trucks as well as heavy duty trucks.

This is the same machine as our GPTL.4 Plus FastMatch but with locking by wingnut instead of the pneumatic shaft. This new design commercial wheel balancer combines the old with the new. At the heart of this super duty balancer is one of the heaviest frames and chassis the industry has ever offered. You will never see sand bags or concrete blocks inside our wheel balancers that add needed weight to the structure. You will never see this because our structure is so heavily made with thick steel plating. Remove the weight tray and notice our frame construction and how the drive train is attached to the balancer chassis. Next do the same with our leading competitors and notice the difference in design and construction. The result is a machine that not only is more rugged and lasts longer but is also the most precisely accurate wheel balancer possible.

  • Premium balancing software for trucks, cars, and light trucks
  • Vivid graphics on flat panel display
  • Automatic data entry
  • Powerful DC drive motor
  • Integrated pneumatic lift
  • Auto stop on top feature
  • Hidden weight feature
  • Eco weight feature
  • Light truck balancing modes
  • Alloy balancing modes
  • Tape weight modes
  • Runout measurement of the rim
  • Runout measurement of the tire (optional)

Other Benefits

  • Better and heavier construction for longevity and durability
  • Stronger drive motor means faster balancing cycles
  • DC drive motor allows for more precise spin speed and a more accurate balance
  • Simple to use with our exclusive 5 color keypad. Most balancing functions require no keypad interaction at all.

To custom fit your application we offer several different adaptor packages. We prefer to outfit the machine to fit your needs as closely as possible. This means you are not required to purchase expensive tooling that you do not need.

  • Power Requirement: 115 volt 1 phase
  • Basic truck package
  • ProMax HD truck package
  • Basic light truck package
  • ProMax MD light truck package
  • Basic car package
  • ProBalance car package

Bill Chirrey Pit Crew Truck Repair & Alignment

“Our GTL4 140 truck balancer has been an valuable component in our truck repair business. It is easy to use and precisely accurate. It reduces problem solving time, improves customer satisfaction and removes the guess work.”

Boyd Reichenbach Freight Systems, Inc. N. Little Rock, AR
“I know we don’t normally stop long enough to say thanks and express our opinions when both the representative and his equipment are exceeding our expectations. The fact that we are still using the same alignment and wheel balancing equipment since 2008 speaks volumes to the quality of the equipment you sold us and your dedication to helping us maintain it. I have no way of tracking the amount of savings we have realized over this time other than we are now getting full tire wear the majority of the time. Previously we were seeing a loss of approximately 20% of our steer tire wear and in some cases we were unable to utilize them even as trailer run-outs due to bad wear patterns. Now we are getting full life out of our tires and when we pull them off they are ready for the cap shop or scrap. Thanks again for all your help.”