RAV TD 2.0 Smart Aligner Gold Level 2 Post Aligner
Premium Package Includes RAV 3 Point Clamps and Wireless VIN Scan Tool

2 Post Lift Compatible

Key Features

  • Works with your existing two post lifts!
  • Works with drive on lifts, over pits, with scissor lifts or off the floor.
  • RAV 3 point fastclamps no rolling compensation required
  • Powered and operated by tablet….no pc and no Windows OS.
  • Tablet has magnetic backing and can stick to the car or the lift while you work.
  • North American vehicle database easily updated via internet
  • Premium alignment software including test drive feature
  • Bluetooth plus WIFI connectivity
  • Teq-Link app manages and exports your reports
  • FAST 3 minute set-up and measuring
  • Precision accuracy
  • Standard support included

TD2.0 SmartAligner “Premium”
Premium Package
Our Price $19,995.00
Finance for up to 60 months

SmartAligner Standard Accessories

  • 4 Wireless measuring receptors
  • 10” smart tablet
  • 2 Wall panels for instrument storage and charging
  • Set of 4 height adapters
  • Steering wheel and brake locks
  • Pair alloy turning plates
  • TeqLink report app
  • 3 months tech support
  • Free virtual training

Premium Package
Standard Accessories Plus:

  • 3 Point RAV fastclamps
  • 2 extra wall panels for clamp wall storage
  • Wireless VIN scanner

RAV Premium 3 Point Wheel Clamp

  • No rolling compensation required

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