HD Truck Alignment Equipment | Semi-Truck Alignment Machine

Powerful New Heavy Duty Aligners That Save Space and Increase Productivity
Take the Aligner to the Vehicle!

RAV TD8060 NA Express
Conventional Cabinet Model
For Use in and Around Your Workshop

RAVTD6000CNA Spirit
PC Tablet Based System
Extremely Portable

All-in-One Heavy Duty
and Automotive System

RAVTD6000 Sprint Mobile 2
Platinum Level
On-Site Mobile System

When it comes to portable wheel alignment technology, RAVAmerica offers the best Heavy Duty Truck Alignment Machines. Faster, more accurate and versatile than ever! RAVAmerica’s heavy duty wheel alignment machines are designed with precision and accuracy in mind, ensuring that your truck’s alignment is perfectly adjusted for optimal performance. With advanced features NO ROLL BACK IS REQUIRED! RAVAmerica’s heavy duty wheel alignment machines provide the convenience and reliability you need to keep your fleet running smoothly. Trust in RAVAmerica’s expertise and invest in their portable wheel alignment machines to achieve the best alignment results.

RAVAmerica means VALUE and we speak the Heavy Duty language. Across North America we are known for our Heavy Duty experience and expertise and over the course of the last 38 years have provided equipment for many of North America’s leading manufacturers, dealers, and fleets. Coupled with high performance machines from our Italian manufacturing partner is a support program that takes off where our competitors stop. We offer the industry’s only true technical hotline where you can talk to a real expert and solve your issues or answer your questions quickly.

Our machines are so advanced and our support processes so modern that we can service your machine remotely without being onsite. This allows us to restore your equipment faster, more economically, and reduce costly downtime. Our spare parts inventories are complete and it is a great benefit to have ample spare parts in stock and ready to ship right here in the U.S. Take the guesswork and risk out of your next HD Alignment, Tire Changing, Wheel Balancing or Lifting Purchase.

Heavy Duty Truck Alignment Machines

Heavy Duty Truck Alignment Machines