RAV G7645ID.26 Italian Manufacture TiltBack Semi-Automatic

Power And Finesse…From Heavy Ply SuperDuty and Trailer Tires
To High Performance This Machine Handles Them All.

Special Features and Accessories

  • Powerful tilt back design
  • Semi-Automatic settings
  • Our best pneumatic help device
  • 26” outside clamping
  • 45” maximum tire diameter
  • 220v variable speed drive
  • 8000 psi super bead breaker
  • 90 days of free technical support
  • Purchase additional tech support with yearly subscription

G7645ID.26 Auto – Tilt
Italian Manufactured
Our Price $7,995.00
Finance for up to 60 months

Introducing the best tire changer - G7645ID.26 Tilt-Back Semi-Automatic tire changer equipped with an innovative tubeless tire inflation system. With a single pedal command featuring two positions, this device offers ultimate convenience. The sturdy and reinforced frame ensures unrivaled rigidity for both the structure and chucking table. To prevent any flexion during operation, the gear box is strategically placed between two robust steel plates. Its extended vertical post and tool shaft enable effortless handling of tires up to 17″ in width. Not only does the tool locking mechanism automatically set the appropriate distance from the rim, but it also comes with integrated protection to safeguard alloy rims. The adjustable angle and rotation further enhance its versatility. With the option to remove the pedal assembly as a whole, servicing becomes a breeze. Experience lightning-fast performance with the bead breaker opening that can be effortlessly adjusted into two positions. The jointed and shaped blade ensures efficient bead breaking, while the galvanized cylinder offers double operation. When it comes to the best tire changer, the G7645ID.26 reigns supreme as the best in its class.

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