RAV G8945DS.ITAS Memory Leverless Tire Changer

Best Leverless Tire Changer – Top of the Range No Lever with Memory Feature


  • Exclusive memory feature returns mounting tool to proper position
  • Quick lock hub mounting
  • Plastic roller mounting and breakdown
  • Plastic no-mar mount/demount tool
  • Auxiliary side shovel breakdown
  • Excellent wheel lift
  • Pneumatic help assembly
  • 220 volt variable speed drive
  • 26” rim diameter maximum
  • 45” tire diameter maximum
  • 2 years warranty on parts
  • 1 year warranty on labor
  • 90 days of free technical support
  • Purchase additional tech support with yearly subscription

Memory Leverless
Italian Manufactured
Our Price $11,995.00 (with help & lift)
Finance for up to 60 months

Experience the convenience and efficiency of the RAV G8945DS. ITAS, the best leverless tire changer on the market. Our innovative machine utilizes advanced memory leverless technology, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free tire changing process. Elevate your productivity today and embrace the convenience and productivity boost offered by our tire changer. Discover the unrivaled convenience and efficiency of the RAV G8945DS. ITAS Tire Changer. This state-of-the-art automatic tire changer is the ultimate solution for streamlining your operations and maximizing output. With its cutting-edge memory leverless technology, tire changing becomes effortless and seamless. Elevate your productivity to new heights with our tire changer today.

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