Aligner Spec Updates


  1. Thursday is UPDATE DAY–Updates are done on Thursdays with some exceptions. Please choose the Thursday that you prefer by clicking the calendar. We will try out best to accommodate you or offer you the next available appointment date.
  2. Making Payment – Payment is required before we order your update. To make credit card payment please call Teresa at 800-816-8138. Once payment is made your update will be reserved and you will be placed on our schedule.
  3. Once you are added to the schedule you will be sent a confirmation of your appointment including date and time.


  1. A quality internet connection is required for the update process. Connection can be wired or wireless must be of good quality and speed. This should be checked or done prior to the update appointment date.
  2. Your machine’s smart card number is required to order your update — SmartCard is similar to hotel door key card and is inserted into either the PC or into an auxiliary card reader. You may obtain this 9-digit number one of two ways:
  3. Remove the card and record the 9-digit number. Be sure to reinsert afterwards in the same direction as you found it.
  4. Retrieve the smartcard # from the aligner program:
  5. From the home screen choose Blue key (screwdriver/wrench) to enter SETTINGS MENU.
  6. Arrow down and select database management. Press F4 Green key.
  7. Select database management again and again select F4 green key.
  8. You will see the SmartCard number in large, colorful text.
  9. Time Required for Update (Average)—30 minutes to 1 hour if internet speed and connection quality are good.
  10. How much involvement is Required on Your End—We will need your assistance briefly at the beginning and at the end of the update process.

Special Offer Modern new computer managed by Windows 10 with Spec Update and most current version of the
alignment software…loaded, tested, and shipped to you for plug and play installation.  $2,995.00.
Call 800-816-8138 to purchase.

Time Required for Update (Average) – 30 minutes to 1 hour if internet speed and connection quality are good.

Aligner Spec Update

For RAV, Atlas, and Space Alignment Systems

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