RAV GTL4.140RC All-in-One SuperBalancer

Heavy Duty Wheel Balancer | RAV GTL4.140RC All-in-One SuperBalancer
Car | Truck | Light Truck…and More.

Serviceable, Not DisposableServiceable, Not Disposable

Front GTL 140 Heavy Duty Balancer

GTL4.140RC All-in-One
Manufactured In Italy
Base Package $13,995.00
Enhanced Package $16,995.00
Finance for up to 60 months


  • See “What’s in the Box” for Adaptor Details
  • Adaptors for Cars, Light Trucks, Medium Trucks
  • Programs for Automotive and Light Truck
  • Programs for Heavy Duty
  • 3 Balancing Sensors for Enhanced Accuracy
  • Integrated Pneumatic Lift
  • Precise and Powerful DC Drive Motor
  • Intuitive Software
  • Programs for tape weights and more
  • Heavy Duty Wagon Wheel Spacer and HD 2 Tapered Cone Set.

The RAV GTL4 Heavy Duty Balancer is truly the best of both worlds. Where our competitors have lightened up their balancer chassis, this machine retains the heavy duty and robust frame and chassis which gives it true integrity. We combine this strength, weight, and durability with special features that modern technology affords. This Super Balancer is being used in some applications where 200 cycles per day are not unusual. Not only can it take the workout but it is uncannily accurate.

Making use of 3 piezo sensors instead of the traditional 2 gives us a decided edge in balancing accuracy. Using a powerful DC motor allows a precise spin count which is essential to balancing accuracy. We use a software guided balancing process which greatly simplifies the operation of the machine. The RAV GTL4 Super Balancer offers an impressive array of modern features such as auto spin, auto stop on top, tape weight programs, and more. RAV is known for manufacturing lifts and the integrated wheel lift used on the balancer is one of the best and greatly eases the mounting process while reducing risk of back injury by lifting heavy combinations to the balancer shaft.

It costs nothing more to buy the very best!

Heavy Duty Wheel Balancer

Heavy Duty Wheel Balancer