RAV G2.140R TouchSpin

A midsize wheel balancer machine with the features and quality that you expect from RAV!

Serviceable, Not DisposableServiceable, Not Disposable

RAV G2.140R TouchSpin
Italian Manufactured
Base Price $3,995.00

Finance for up to 60 months


The RAV TouchSpin Wheel Balancer with automatic spin when cover is lowered. The arm stores the positions for balancing correction:

  • Automatic programs for ALU S wheels.
  • Guided rim/tire optimization process.
  • Pedal brake to keep the wheel stopped during weight positioning.
  • Automatic Distance + Diameter Measurement
  • Caliper for automatic distance and diameter measurement.
  • Automatic ALU S program
    • Other Benefits
      • Smaller space requirement.
      • Stronger drive motor means faster and more accurate balancing cycles.

The Electronic Wheel Balancer with Microprocessor by Ravaglioli combines large performance with a compact design, showcasing the exceptional quality that the brand is renowned for. As an Italian manufactured product, it guarantees reliability and precision. With features like automatic spin when the cover is lowered and an automatic ALU S program, it offers ease of use and efficiency. Additionally, its compact size allows for flexibility in installation, making it an ideal choice for businesses with limited space.