Italian Made RAV G7246.26A Speed Changer PRO

Top Range Performance Swing Arm Pro With Power to Burn!


  • Powerful frame and chassis design

  • Deluxe pneumatic help device
  • 26” outside clamping

  • 46” maximum tire diameter

  • 8000 psi super bead breaker
  • 220 volt variable speed or 115 volt

  • Free remote training session

  • 90 days of free technical support

  • Purchase additional tech support with yearly subscription


G7246.26A SwingArm Pro
Italian Manufactured
Our Price $6,995.00 (with Pneumatic Help)
Finance for up to 60 months

Check out the RAV the G7246.26 the best swingarm tire changer, and ultimate player in the world of high-performance swingarm tire changers. This beast is made specifically for tire pros who want power and dependability. While our competitors have given up, we've stepped it up with the G7246.26. It's got a massive 220-volt inverter motor that lets you adjust the speed for maximum torque and control.

Our bead breaker crushes the competition with 50% more force. And forget about those annoying extra adaptors - our clamping table handles up to 26 rims on the outer position with ease. Want more? Go for our 3-arm pneumatic help device and a handy wheel lift. Look no further if you're after the best swingarm tire changer that brings the power, strength, and capability - the best SwingArm Tire Changer, G7246.26 SpeedChanger is it.

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