One Alignment System for Virtually All Vehicles…Heavy Duty and Light Duty
Easily Aligns Subcompact Cars to Multiple Axle Heavy Duty Vehicles 

RAV TD8060NAC Combo Aligner Front
RAV TD8060NAC Combo Aligner back
RAV TD8060NAC Combo Aligner Front
RAV TD8060NAC Combo Aligner back

Use-in-Multiple-BaysKey Features

All Premium Features Included with Standard Express Model Plus:

  • Set of 2 Passenger/Light Truck Measuring Receptors
  • Set of 4 No Comp 4 Point Automotive Wheel Clamps
  • Premium Light Duty Alignment Software
  • Passenger Car/Light Truck Vehicle Database

Express Truck/Car Aligner
Premium Package
Our Price $44,995.00
Finance for up to 60 months

The Best Wheel Aligner - TD8060NAC - Combo, an exceptional aligner for heavy duty trucks, light trucks, and passenger cars, offers unrivaled accuracy, speed, and portability. It effortlessly handles a wide range of vehicles, ensuring seamless alignment for everything that enters your premises. With a proven track record spanning decade, the TD8060NAC - Combo, along with all Ravaglioli products, guarantees reliable performance in the field.

When it comes to cost-effectiveness, no other system on the market can compare to the TD8060NAC - Combo. Our units deliver the same functionalities as a $100K system and more. While maintenance contracts are available, they are not mandatory. Our system may lack flashy features, but it's precisely this simplicity that saves you money. The TD8060NAC - Combo is the best wheel aligner and gets the job done efficiently, adapting to virtually any wheel and aligning a wide variety of vehicles that come through your doors. It is the perfect solution for your shop and its surroundings.

best wheel aligner

Thee Best Wheel Aligner