Advantages of Tire Changing Machines

Trends in HD Tire Changing Equipment

The breaking news in heavy duty tire changing machines has been the introduction of specialized machines that are specifically designed for the truck tire market. In the past truck tire changers were actually old style machines designed for HD Farm-Forestry-Mining tires. It was a one machine for all applications type solution and although they are still a good solution for large tire services, they are simply too slow to be seriously considered for truck tire services.

The Ravaglioli GTB-16 Evolution is perhaps the best example of the modern truck tire changer. Its design and manufacture are dedicated to servicing medium duty and light duty truck tires and rims. This means there is now available a production quality machine specifically designed for medium duty, light truck, super duty, and wide based tubeless tires. Its speed rivals that of the fastest tire tech working manually and it can hold that pace all day long. These machines are now commonly used in mounted wheel programs and are capable of the high cycle counts and rigorous demands placed on them by a high volume application.

 How Does the New Equipment Change the Process of Mounting and Demounting Truck Tires?

The Ravaglioli GTB-16N truck tire changer matches the speed of the fastest tire technician using manual methods. It can hold its fast pace for hours where the human will fatigue. It requires very little physical effort from the operator other than rolling the tire up to the machine, operating the push button controls, and rolling the tire away. The machine clamps the wheel, lifts it free of the floor, and changes the tire using two hydraulically powered severe duty plastic rollers.

Not only is the machine extremely fast but it is SAFER. Safer for the employee and safer for the tire and wheel. Used properly you will greatly reduce the risk of bead damage, particularly when changing wide based tires.

Another important aspect is versatility and this machine not only handles medium duty and wide based but also super duty and most other light truck combinations.

 Benefits Regarding Safety

Safety is enhanced when the process is mechanized. Some practices involved with manual tire changing are obviously unsafe. Technicians jumping up and down on tires is a common example. The wear and tear on the human body due to swinging a tire hammer day after day eventually takes its toll. When changing tires on the floor the laborer must bend over and pick up the tire and wheel several times during the process. This promotes back strain and injury especially when wide based tires are involved. The tire changing machine does all the heavy labor and the result is a safer workshop….a healthier workforce….and higher employee retention.

 Liability is Reduced by Mechanization

The risk of on the job accidents and workmen’s compensation claims are reduced when processes are no longer dependent strictly on manual labor. The average cost of a claim is now approaching $100,000 when all cost factors are included. The cost of a leading truck tire changer is less than $20,000 and it will perform tens of thousands of cycles for years to come….you do the math.

Efficiency and Productivity

Mechanizing your processes….if you choose the correct equipment….and implement the correct practices….will in the long run result in more efficiency and higher productivity. This will be accomplished in the following ways:

  1. Faster cycle times overall
  2. More efficient practices
  3. Less employee turnover and greater employee retention
  4. Less employee absence due to fatigue or injury
  5. More efficient use of floor space…..floor space is expensive and precious. These tire machines require 50 sq ft of floor space where to manually change even one set of drive tires requires 150 sq ft of valuable floor space.
  6. Less bead damage due to incorrect mounting/demounting practices

Improved Profitability in Dealer’s Mounted Wheel Programs and Commercial Mounting

Anytime you can improve your workplace safety….enhance your productivity….reduce cycle times….preserve and protect your employees…..make more efficient use of your working space….reduce the risk of injury and loss time accidents….your profitability will always be positively impacted.

 The Modern Truck Tire Changer

Speaking for our company and our machines, we made a deliberate effort several years ago to bring the tire changing technology that we had gained on the automotive side, over to the commercial side of our business. We started looking at vertical designs instead of traditional horizontal designs. We increased the hydraulic power and the speed of the movements. We simplified the action of the machine and only two rollers are used for the entire process. The result is a vertically oriented machine which not only speeds up the process but also requires less floor space. Manual labor has been minimized and the operation of the machine is extremely user friendly.

Dealer You Should Speak With About the Benefits of a Mechanized Approach

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