How to Re-Think Your Alignment Service Program and Come Into the 21st Century

Mobilize Your Alignment Service Program for Higher Productivity and Income

The best way… and perhaps the only way… to improve your alignment service performance is to improve your productivity and efficiency.

Fixed Alignment Bays Results in Limited Production
One of the best ways to do this is to upgrade to modern alignment equipment that is based on extreme portability. The majority of workshops continue to embrace alignment processes that were set back in the 20th century. Think about it…Most workshops still require the vehicle to be moved to a fixed alignment station in a dedicated “alignment” bay. This is a time consuming and losing strategy that is far out of step in today’s fast paced world where every minute counts.

Must we do things one certain way simply because it has always been done that way? Look at other tools and devices being used all around you…are not most modern devices smaller, lighter, and more portable so that they can move with the workflow?

Conventional 3D Alignment Machines With Cameras on Towers
Fixed Alignment Station in Dedicated Alignment Bay…Simply Putting Casters on Their Cabinet DOES NOT make the system PORTABLE!

  • Requires Expensive and Space Consuming Alignment Lift Rack
  • Vehicle Must Be Brought to the Alignment Bay
  • Usually 1…perhaps 2 Technicians Qualified to Use the Alignment Machine

Productivity is hindered.

  • Vehicles must be shuttled from bay to bay creating loss of time and productivity.
  • Valuable bay space is lost due to fixed alignment lift rack.
  • Cost of alignment equipment doubles or triples due to lift rack requirement.
  • Time lost due to scheduling difficulties centered around the alignment station.

RAV Portable SmartAligner Machines

  • Turns Every Bay Into an Alignment Bay!
  • Works well with virtually all types of lifts.
  • Works with the most common lift found in most workshops…the 2 POST LIFT.
  • Allows you to perform the alignment without moving the vehicle to a different bay location.
  • Creates an atmosphere where all your technicians can perform their own alignments.
  • Moves fluidly all over the workshop and even outdoors.

Higher production is realized due to greater mobility and efficiencies. Equal participation among your technicians is encouraged due to the simplicity of the RAV SmartAligner.
More jobs are completed, workflow is improved leading to higher income generation and customer satisfaction.

Time for a change and extreme portability is the key!