Compare The Ravaglioli Truck Alignment Machine

Ravaglioli TD8060 series truck alignment machines offers two Bluetooth systems:

  • 6CCD optical measuring- Standard 3 side measuring- Produces all standard alignment angles at super speed front and rear.
  • 8CCD optical measuring- Special configuration for the collision industry- Produces additional collision angles such as:
  • Wheel base difference
  • Rear axle offset
  • Rear axle set-back


Our Bluetooth Alignment Systems versus the Hunter® System

  • Our Ravaglioli alignment system shares the same basic philosophy as the Hunter® alignment systems. This philosophy is based on measuring and locating an exact wheel position and then prompting the operator to place all wheels in a straight-ahead position according to the straight-ahead steering position at the steer axle. Both systems use similar measurement techniques to measure and calculate the vertical angles of caster and camber. The Ravaglioli truck aligner is just faster, simpler, and a more accurate system that will produce better results and MORE INCOME.

Advantages of the Ravaglioli Bluetooth Truck System Over Hunter®

  • Much faster operating times results in higher efficiency (50% higher) and MORE INCOME.
  • Superior “Fast Clamp” wheel adaptors requiring NO RUNOUT COMPENSATION– Our unique fast clamps reference the wheel at its center and secure by grabbing the tire. Result is time saved and accuracy improved.
  • Bluetooth wireless communication is superior to standard 2.4GHZ radio communication- A totally stable wireless signal means no loss of communication and time; there is no interference from other wireless devices; and NO MAINTENANCE required.
  • Simpler to Operate- Only four-color coded buttons operate the entire program. No computer skills required.
  • Production style software- Simply and quickly guides the operator from beginning to end. Approximately one hour needed in training time in order to learn the software.
  • 4 Remote Contols- Each sensor head is a remote control. Run the computer system from the nearest head ¦no need to walk to the console to change screens.
  • Remote indicators built into the sensor head- Tells you if you are within tolerance, outside of tolerance, or on preferred spec WITHOUT seeing the screen.
  • Generic PC, monitor, printer and keyboard- Years later if the time comes, they need to be replaced- simply source these items anywhere.
  • Thousands of vehicles in the data base.
  • Free internet support and remote access. Updates may installed by the operator…no need to pay a service representative to install.
  • Free phone support for life of equipment.
  • Hunter does NOT offer an 8CCD truck alignment system.
  • No broken beam caused by an obstacle blocking the front measuring beam.
  • More stable stub shaft on the sensor head resulting in fewer calibrations and better accuracy.
  • Calibration kit (optional) allows you to do a complete system calibration (push-button) in 15 minutes.
  • Calibration monitoring on the 8CCD model- Tells the operator if a calibration is needed.

Ravaglioli Bluetooth system versus BeeLine® (The Most Modern Technology versus Older Technology)

  • The Ravaglioli Bluetooth system produces a fully integrated alignment. Changes to the left rear wheel changes the geometry of the entire rectangle. Our system recognizes these changes as the alignment occurs and updates the alignment as you progress. This produces a TOTAL VEHICLE ALIGNMENT. The BeeLine® actually utilizes two separate alignment systems and does not produce a TOTAL VEHICLE ALIGNMENT.
  • The two systems basically measure the steer axle in much the same way- infra red for toe and inclinometers for caster and camber. We do not advocate bending the steering axle for camber and caster adjustment (BeeLine does) but if you wish to make the bend, you may.

Rear Axle Measurements and Adjustment follow totally different theories:

  • Rear Drive Axle Adjustment–The BeeLine uses a metal jig that squeezes against the furthest rear drive tires on both sides. This is fundamentally incorrect since the tires are now the point of reference instead of the wheel. A laser beam is projected from front steer axle to the target area on the metal jig. The rear most drive axle is adjusted until the laser beam strikes the crosshairs of the target.
  • Front Drive Axle Adjustment- Once the rear drive is adjusted, the operator takes the large metal caliper (tram bar) and adjusts its pointers so that the tip of the pointer goes into the 60-degree tapers of both drive axles on one side of the vehicle. Then he tightens the adjustment screw of the tram bar. He then goes to the other side of the truck and inserts the pointers into those two axles comparing them. The front drive axle is then adjusted until the pointer spread is equal on both sides of the truck.
  • This type of “measurement” is mechanical and not very accurate. More importantly, this mechanical method does not take into account the built-in toe and camber error that is inherent in the axle assembly. Every axle that has ever been made has a toe and camber error. The Ravaglioli system measures these errors and directs the operator to make the proper setting, allowing the rear wheels to track straight ahead-therefore compensating for this toe and camber error. In other words, it does not matter if the two sides are spread equally or if the axle is perpendicular with the frame. In fact, these will only occur if there is ABSOLUTELY NO TOE OR CAMBER ERROR IN THE AXLE ASSEMBLY. (a virtual impossibility!)

Advantages of the Ravaglioli Bluetooth over the BeeLine®

  • Faster operating times means more income
  • Simpler to operate much less training required
  • Much fewer mechanical pieces means less opportunity for error
  • Complete and TOTAL vehicle alignment
  • Bluetooth wireless data transfer
  • Far superior clamp system
  • No runout compensation
  • More accurate rear axle settings resulting in better results and a better driving truck
  • Free Technical Support for Life
  • Free Internet Support and Internet Remote Access
  • No broken beam across the front
  • 4 Remote controls- Run the system from any head.
  • Remote indicators built into the head- See what you are doing even if you cannot see the screen.
  • Calibration monitoring (8CCD only)
  • Push-button calibrations in 15 minutes (with optional calibration kit.)

In Summary, The Ravaglioli Bluetooth alignment machine:

  • Produces more alignments with minimal comebacks. This means maximum INCOME.
  • Is easy to learn to use and easy to teach new personnel to use. Less TRAINING means more money saved.
  • Is versatile so that it does a wide variety of vehicles. Our system can handle trucks, light trucks, trailers, multi-axle vehicles, busses, coaches and more.
  • Is reliable and offers low, reasonable maintenance costs- This is an amazingly durable and reliable system.
  • Offers fast solutions to problems and less downtime- With our technical support and internet support we can diagnose a problem and take prompt action. 80% of all issues are resolved in one of these two methods. If one of the 5 components are needed, we will ship to you via FedEx a loaner component while yours comes in for service.

Compare The Ravaglioli Truck Alignment Machine to Hunter® and BeeLine®