The RAVAmerica Difference: Modern Innovations + Real World Experience

When choosing your next alignment machine it is smart to look deep into the supplier’s ability to provide top-level support:

  • Does the equipment supplier provide support in-house or do they outsource support to someone else?
  • Does the supplier have spare parts on hand for fast delivery?
  • Does the supplier offer computer and software solutions quickly?
  • Do they offer a technical call center where you can speak immediately to an experienced technician?
  • Does the supplier offer remote support processes that can make you whole again quickly thereby minimizing down-time?
  • Do they have experienced personnel with alignment experience on staff to help you with any alignment related issues?

These are a few of the things that RAVAmerica does every day for its customers!

Wheel alignment support is a field all its own. Unlike other machines in our industry, such as lifts and tire changers, alignment machines are more complex and real experience is required to master this craft. It is a skill and in ways, an art form. We believe that the technicians at RAVAmerica are among the industry’s best at alignment technical support. Our people combine years of experience working on the vehicle with a high level of experience at the support desk. To excel also requires a willingness to help others along with true patience and empathy for the people we serve.

Full-Service Alignment Call Center

Our technical support team operates one of the few alignment call centers offered by our industry. The call center works in conjunction with our new training center where we can duplicate and resolve almost any alignment issue. Our call center operates from 8am until 5pm CST, Monday-Friday. Additionally, it is not unusual for our technicians to answer their mobile phones off hours and on weekends.

Pioneering a New Way to Support Modern Aligners. A more effective and less costly way to maintain your equipment.

Since 2004 RAVAmerica has led the way in the technical support of wheel alignment machines. Using modern information technologies we are able to remotely access the customer’s alignment machine no matter where it is located. We are able to test the system as well as view the vehicle as the alignment is being done. Virtual technologies allow us to conduct product demonstrations and training events remotely. These events are broadcast live from our training centers to the customer’s workshop, living room, or to their smartphone.

Before deciding on your next alignment machine look closely at the suppliers ability and willingness to help you with you need help the most. Avoid becoming enamored with brand names and focus instead on their support program.