COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS – Truck Alignment Facts And Comparison

Non-Runout TechnologyNo wasted time from pushing/rolling of vehicle. More consistent results from a more accurate wheel clamp adaptor.YESNO...Must Push and Roll Vehicle for Runout
Tire Grabbing/Hub Reference FastClampsReferences the wheel at its center for the most accurate measurement possible.YESNO…Optional and Only Available for Steering Axle
Self-CalibrationRAV system comes with calibration package for professional quality electronic calibrations done by your technicians. Puts you in control of your quality and accuracyYESNO…Technician Must Be Called In Whenever Calibration is Needed.
Portability - VersatilityMove from bay to bay, shop to shop, shop to parking lot on the flyYESNO…Individual Bays and Surfaces Must Be Mapped.
Multi-Axle Heavy Duty SoftwareRAV offers up to 8 truck axles and an infinite number of trailer axles.YESYES
Light Truck and Car SoftwareThis software and data comes standard with our truck aligner.YESNO
Align Trailers With or Without TruckAligning trailer separately allows use of kingpin as the reference point and allows alignment of multiple trailers that are setting on the lot.YES…Trailer kingpin reference and adaptors included.NO….Can only align trailers without trucks by jacking up trailer axles for runout comp. Trailer fixture and adaptors are optional.
Non Proprietary PC and Other PeripheralsRAV allows you to locally source PC, Printer, Monitor, Keyboard if replacement is ever needed.YESNO
Business Management AppRAV Teq-Link is factory loaded to give you access to workflow reports and other management tools. No extra chargeYESYES
Optional 5 Year Buyer Protection Plan SUPPORT AND SERVICEExtends Technical Support, parts warranty, labor warranty and PC replacement.YESNO
Technical Support Line For Any Alignment Related IssueQualified experts to take your calls regarding alignment related questions. Calls answered or returned after hours.YESNO
Internet Based Support Available to CustomersWe access your aligner’s computer providing software assistance, address training, run diagnostics, and much more.YESNO
Virtual Based SupportBroadcast from our training center to your computer or phone. Live product demos, live training and consultations using virtual technologies.YESNO
System Initial CostBetter and Faster ROI$34,000 to $40,000$60,000 PLUS
  • Accuracy and Ease of Use

    All top brands will deliver a result with acceptable accuracy if the operator’s processes and procedures follow manufacturer’s recommendations. Where RAV excels is its ability to turn out fast yet accurate alignments with inexperienced operators at the helm. Quality is maintained with greater speed and less experience required.

  • Training and Employee Turnover
    The RAV machine’s ability to turn out fast yet accurate alignments with inexperienced operators at the helm is critical to modern business as we all know the realities of the labor market and that seasoned alignment technicians are virtually impossible to find and hire. Our system is easier to learn, easier to teach, and you will not be affected as much by employee turnover. Training required is minimal and can be done virtually and through the use of video and other remote technologies.
    • Runout (Leading Competitor)

      Hunter equipment and many others induces lateral runout error caused by its wheel clamp adaptors then attempts to compensate for that error by rolling the vehicle with a pusher while the system attempts to measure and compensate for this error while the wheels are rolling. This entire procedure can be skipped with the RAV system.

    • Non-Runout (RAVAmerica)
      Our concept is simple and we have used it successfully for 25 years….The RAV simply does not induce artificial runout error and therefore you do not have anything to compensate for. We accomplish this feat with our patented FASTCLAMP wheel adaptors which reference the wheel at its center and next to the wheel. These are precision designed and manufactured wheel clamps that do not create artificial lateral runout. Therefore, runout compensation is not required with our system and accuracy and consistency are achieved.

    • On 3 axle trucks, the RAV HD alignment system tested to be just as accurate and just as fast with 4 sensor heads as it did with 6 sensor heads. Set up and measuring times were approximately 3-4 minutes using both configurations. On 2 axle vehicles or multi-axle vehicles 6 heads were found to be of no advantage over 4 heads. Any minor advantages we were able to find did not outweigh the fact that more heads mean a higher initial cost as well as being more costly to maintain through the years.
    • With 4 sensor heads we simply move one pair of heads forward to the next axle. This move requires about 1 minute.
    • 4 sensor heads costs less, costs less to maintain, is just as fast, and the final results are the same.
    • RAVAmerica does use 6 heads on our COMBO Truck Aligner but for good reason. The extra two heads are automotive front heads which allows the system to produce extra income by aligning passenger cars and smaller light trucks as well as the HD and medium duty vehicles.

  • RAVAmerica: Uses 21st century remote technologies to support our machines from one centralized support center in Texas.

    • FACT—Most trailers are not dedicated to one specific truck. It is necessary that your machine be adept at aligning trailers disconnected from the truck referencing the trailer kinpin so that no matter which truck is pulling it the trailer is aligned straight ahead.
      • Leading Competitor Trailer Alignment Procedures
        Truck and Trailer Connected with a 6 Sensor Head System
        • Align the truck
        • Take off alignment components and connect trailer to the truck
        • Drive truck and trailer into the bay
        • Install the alignment components on the truck rear drive axle and onto the first two trailer axles.
        • Roll truck and trailer forward using power of the truck.
        • Adjust the alignment of the trailer axles
        • If the trailer has more than two axles you will be required to jack up those axles for runout compensation.
    • Trailer Disconnected from the Truck Using Kinpin as the Reference
      • Attach kingpin fixture to kingpin of trailer and install sensor heads in fixture (Optional accessory with Hunter)
      • Install wheel clamps and sensor heads to first two trailer axles
      • Jack up trailer axles and perform runout compensation by manually turning trailer wheels
      • When system measures, adjust thrust angle of the trailer axle.
  • The RAV Non-Runout Trailer Alignment……A Better and Faster Way

    • Trailer Disconnected from the Truck Using the Kingpin as Reference
      • Install trailer fixture to the Kingpin (included as standard accessory) and attach sensor heads to fixture.
      • Install FastClamps to rear trailer axle and attach measuring heads.
      • System measures rear trailer axle instantly
      • Adjust Rear Trailer Axle
      • Move FastClamps off rear axle #1 and onto next axle #2 (one minute move)
      • System measures axle #2 instantly and you adjust that axle.
      • Keep moving forward for additional axles while staying on the rear axle.
      • System does an infinite number of axles out to approximately 60 feet span
    • Trailer Connected to the Truck
      • Align truck and remove alignment components
      • Connect trailer to the truck and drive into bay
      • Install alignment components on rear truck axle and rear trailer axle
      • System measures instantly and you adjust rear trailer axle.
      • Move alignment components off rear truck axle and onto trailer axle #2
      • Align #2 axle and finalize alignment
      • Keep moving forward for additional trailer axles


Two Different Approaches….One is modern and one is rooted in the past century
Leading Competitor: Uses 20th century approach where service and support are done by a regionally based service provider.

  • Downfalls of this Method
    • Too expensive—Cost of travel and cost of labor has risen sharply.
    • Slower response creates more downtime—May be 2-3 days before service rep arrives and meanwhile your alignment services are generating zero dollars.
    • May or may not have the parts required to get you back up and running- If parts need to be ordered this requires a 2nd trip which means more downtime and a more expensive repair bill.
    • Quality of service representatives are not consistent and can vary widely from location to location. This can adversely affect your business, its downtime, and the cost of repairs.

RAVAmerica: Uses 21st century remote technologies to support our machines from one centralized support center in Texas.

  • A Better Overall Approach to Service
      • Technical Support Phone Line—RAVAmerica operates a highly effective Technical Support Phone Line where experts guide users through any alignment related issue. Phones are answered during off hours or messages returned. 75% of all issues are resolved through our technical support line.
      • Internet Based Support—We connect via internet to your aligner’s computer and this allows us to address any software question, run diagnostics, address training, update data, and much more.
      • Virtual Services—Using Zoom, Teams, FaceTime and other technologies we are able to offer product presentations, trainings, repair clinics, and much more all broadcast from our training center in Texas.
      • Video Training—We offer in depth videos for marketing and training purposes.
      • Premium Support Plans that offer buyer peace of mind for years to come.
  • Benefits to this Modern Approach
    • Faster Response Times Mean Less Downtime for You—Phone and internet based services are virtually instantaneous.
    • Less Costly Equipment Maintenance—Usually much less costly than the regional service man making a personal call to your location.