Heavy Duty Truck Wheel Alignment – Our Story

We take pride in this machine since we are the co-developer along with RAV engineers. When we began our cooperation with Ravaglioli some 15 years ago they did not offer a state of the art North American HD alignment system. It was a requirement for us as we have been active in this sector since 1985. The owner of the company, an engineer himself, committed to the project and we went back and forth with their engineering team guiding them step by step as to what the machine needs to do, how the wheel clamps must be designed so that they are the finest available, how the software should flow, and the features it should have.

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COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS – Truck Alignment Facts And Comparison

Accuracy and Ease of Use
All top brands will deliver a result with acceptable accuracy if the operator’s processes and procedures follow manufacturer’s recommendations. Where RAV excels is its ability to turn out fast yet accurate alignments with inexperienced operators at the helm. Quality is maintained with greater speed and less experience required.

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Take a look at the most exciting new alignment system we have seen yet. The new TestDrive WiFi 2.0 auto/light truck system allows you to turn out high quality alignments off your existing two post lifts! Yes….you read this correctly! Heavy and cumbersome alignment stands and tables are no longer required in order to perform alignment off two post and quick scissor lifts. This savvy new system works fine with a drive on alignment lift but if you do not have the space or the budget for such a lift the new WiFi alignment system works fine with your existing two post and scissor quick lifts.

Wheels Free Adjustments

You do not have the space for a huge drive on alignment lift? NO PROBLEM….the TestDrive WiFi system allows you to quickly measure the vehicle on the floor then use your two post lift to raise it to a comfortable working height. This amazing new technology images the vehicle suspension position when it is on the floor then refers to those positions after it is raised in the air. This state of the art alignment machine gives you accurate results in half the time.

Conveniently Powered and Controlled by Smart Tablet

No PC, No Windows, No Console sitting on the Shop Floor.

Most Portable Alignment System Yet…Nothing Stores on Your Shop Floor

The TestDrive Wifi alignment machine represents the most modern alignment solution to date. The measuring receptors and tablet store out of the way on a convenient wall board. The wheel clamp adaptors also store neatly on the wall and off the floor.

Get All Your Techs Involved with Alignment

Since you will be able to perform alignment off all your lifts and in every bay, you can involve all your technicians in performing their own alignments. Alignment adjustments are fast and simple with this new system. Put the finishing touches on all your suspension jobs.

New Teq-Link App Empowers the Smart Tablet

With our Teq-Link App you are able to export printouts to your customers by email. You are able to receive other reports that give you important performance alignment sales data.

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  • Buying an alignment machine? Let’s use some common sense and compare a value priced CCD alignment system to a much more expensive 3-D alignment system.
  • 3D technology is NOT a better technology than CCD technology… it is simply a different technology. See a side-by-side comparison here.
  • 3D alignment measurement is not a NEW technology. It has existed since 1995. The CCD optical alignment measuring system is not a NEW technology. It was first used in 1990. Both technologies have been improved but neither technology is NEW.

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Ravaglioli TD8060 series truck alignment machines offers two Bluetooth systems:
Neither Hunter® Nor Beeline® Offers The 8ccd (8 Camera) Alignment Systems.

Our Bluetooth Alignment Systems versus the Hunter® System
Advantages of the Ravaglioli Bluetooth Truck System Over Hunter®
Ravaglioli Bluetooth system versus BeeLine® (The Most Modern Technology versus Older Technology)
Rear Axle Measurements and Adjustment follow totally different theories:
Advantages of the Ravaglioli Bluetooth over the BeeLine®
In Summary, The Ravaglioli Bluetooth alignment machine:

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Other Important Aspects

  • Available Labor- The labor pool of individuals willing to do the hard physical labor required by manual tire changing is pretty much exhausted. Retaining these employees will be more difficult in the future than in the past.
  • Video Game Players—Changing tires using the Ravaglioli GTB-16N is not unlike operating a video game with joystick controls. The current generation grew up playing video games and it will be much easier to find these kind of tire techs than it will be to find people who are willing to swing a tire hammer day in and day out.
  • Skill and Strength—Skill, experience, and strength are not prerequisites for mechanized tire changing.
  • Training Time and Learning Curve—It is a long process to teach a person to become highly proficient in manual tire changing….mechanized tire changing can be learned in one day.

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Wheel alignment on the big rigs has always been a bit of mystery to most drivers, owner operators and fleet owners. It is a costly service and one that is generally not well understood by most of us. Important questions that need answers are:

What are the benefits of proper wheel alignment?
How often should I have my alignment checked?
How can I determine the quality of the alignment services I am paying for?
Am I paying too much for alignment service?

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One thing is for certain, the mounting and balancing process will become more and more difficult as time goes by. The cheapest way for a vehicle manufacturer to make a positive impact on the appearance of a vehicle is by redesigning the tire and wheel. Larger diameter rims create a dramatic improvement in the overall appearance of the vehicle. Paint schemes used on the wheels can transform the look of the vehicle and depending on the color chosen can give the vehicle a sporting or racing look or can give the vehicle a luxurious look. Larger diameter rims are simply add more difficulty to the mounting and balancing process. Wheels with special paint schemes add more risk to the process due to the fact that it is fairly easy to induce cosmetic damages during mounting and demounting. Raised spokes can create a dramatic effect but certainly make mounting and balancing a more difficult task. Clad wheels are becoming popular because they can create the desired appearance at a lower cost. It is less expensive to cover the steel wheel with an attractive cover than it is to cast an alloy wheel. The clad wheels however pose their own set of difficulties and risks during the mounting and balancing process.

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